About Art Travel

Spirited Journeys For Creative Minds

Art Travel provides uniquely crafted tours for culture-minded people focusing on art, culture and nature.

ArtTravel tours are for people who choose to go off the beaten path, prefer a more personalized experience, enjoy their hobbies in good company, appreciate nature, art, culture, and aspire to acquaint themselves with the locals. Art Travel primarily welcomes foreign tourists to Iceland but does also facilitate trips for Icelanders who desire foreign experiences.

Participants experience nature, museums, galleries, historical sites as well as the personalized venues as requested by our customers. We visit artists, painters, musicians, filmmakers, writers, actors, and so on, in their surroundings or at their homes. Here, one can have a unique chance to get to know people through their art and culture.

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Art Travel was founded in 2010 by Valgerður Pálsdóttir. Valgerður studied pedagogical consulting in Norway, where she lived and worked for 10 years. After she moved back home, she worked for about 5 years as a social and cultural representative in Sólheimar in Grímsnes, after which she was a study consultant in Lækjarskóli in Hafnarfjörður for 12 years until spring 2013. She graduated as a tour guide in 2006 and has enjoyed that role ever since. Now she owns and runs the travel agency ArtTravel Inc. that offers courses and tours for both Icelanders and foreign tourists alike.

“I am the sort of tourist who wants to get in touch with the people themselves in the country I’m visiting. I enjoy seeing places ­off the beaten path and love to get to know the culture and art of the places I’m visiting. The foreign surroundings and their cultures inspire me to paint and write. Throughout the years my clients have told me that these experiences engender a surge creativity that remains with them for years to come.