Afternoon Tour To Reykjanes Volcanic Wonderland
Enjoy nature and culture in a personalized manner


-Seltun, Krysuvik
-The edge of Reykjanes peninsula
-The black lava beach Stora-Sandvik
-The bridge between the continents

Cultural event of the day from a menu of:*

1. A theatre show in a cave
2. A concert in a private home
3. A visit to the studio of a local artist
4. Meet a local novelist
5. A concert in a small church
* One event per trip, depending on available artists each day

Afternoon tour to Reykjanes peninsula you will enjoy the breath-taking nature of the area followed by a unique cultural experience.

Reykjanes, with its diversity of volcanic and geothermal activity, is the youngest peninsula in Iceland and a geopark. In this area, many volcanic eruptions have found place in historical time, for inst. at least 13 eruptions in 13th Century. The first stop will be in Seltún, Krýsuvík; a stunning, colourful mud spring area. We will stop here for an easy hike to enjoy the scenery

We continue to one of the main fishing ports in Iceland Grindavík for a short stop. We will drive along the coast and proceed to the edge of Reykjanes peninsula, passing the oldest lighthouse in Iceland, Reykjanesviti. Here we will stop to enjoy the sight of the magnificent cliffs and waves and to feel the breeze from the open sea.

We continue to “the bridge between the continents”. Iceland is probably the only place in the world where the effects of two major tectonic plates drifting apart can easily be observed above sea level. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge comes ashore right at Reykjanes crossing the country from the south-west heading north-east. Here you will be able to walk over the bridge from the Eurasian continent to the North American continent.

Our last stop will be the black lava beach Stóra-Sandvík, a beautiful, remote beach. In the summer of 2005, Sandvik became the main location for filming Clints Eastwood’s film the “Flags of our father”. Almost third of the film was filmed there in just over a month.


13.00 – 19.00
6 hours
19.900,- ISK – Adults
13.930,- ISK – Teenagers/children

– Pick-up
– Small group min 2 / max 16
– A culture enthusiastic professional guide
– Refreshments
– Entertainment and meet with local artists