Ceramic workshop in the midst of the rural breath-taking nature 27 of August - 3rd of September, 2018

Ceramic workshop in the midst of the rural breath-taking nature
27 of August – 3rd of September, 2018

This trip in Iceland is primarily intended for potters/ceramists but also open for partners and friends who will be offered tailored activities in the meantime, taking notice of their interests.

The group will be picked-up at the airport by Vallý Pálsdóttir who will be your private guide and driver during your stay in Iceland. We will drive straigt towards the West-fjords to the historic farm Sauðafell in Dalir and stay there in a renovated old, wooden house.
You will be provided all meals, activities, transport, guiding, basically be taken care off during your stay.

Some highlights of your stay:
– Explore the beautiful area of Snæfellsnes Peninsula
– A bath in the geothermal water in hot tubs by the shore
– A boat trip to the island Grímsey for whale watching and fishing
– Visit small, rural villages for local culture and fresh food
– Visit the locals for story-telling and homemade food
– Visit Eiríksstaðir the replica of the house of the Viking Eiríkur the Red for story-telling and “Viking dinner”
– Enjoy, fresh, delicious Icelandic food everywhere – Visit the farm Gauksmýri for lunch and a horse show

Raku workshop at the ceramic studio at Jörvi
You will be welcomed by Bjarnheidur, the ceramist and fire master at Jörvi in Haukadalur valley. She will guide you in experimenting with local Icelandic clay and firing your works of art with the well-known raku technique. The first two days you will sculpt pieces and after them being dried and fired (while you travel elsewhere), you will take part in the firing process of raku. Raku is fired outside, in a special kiln with living fire. You will be working with all the elements. Your earth pieces will be treated in fire and air and cooled down in water, so in the end of the day you have some nice souvenirs that remind you of the rough nature of Iceland.

Bjarnheiður Jóhannsdóttir
Bjarnheidur has a master‘s degree in ceramics from the Hungarian applied arts academy (Moholy Nagy University), with specialization in living fire techniques and glaze chemistry. She has been teaching professionals for over 20 years.

Jörvi is a farm which Bjarnheidur and her husband Reynir have renovated, building their house and workshop. It is a known farm in history, because it used to be a feasting place for young farm workers, centuries ago. The term Joy of Jörvi is known in Icelandic meaning something like: “a wild event”

27th of August – 3rd of September
August 27th
Arrival and driving to West Iceland 3.5 – 4 hours driving, stopping along the way.
Checking in at Sauðafell and enjoy dinner made by Vallý your private guide.

August 28th
08.00 Breakfast
9.30 Driving to Jörvi
10.00 – 16.00 Ceramic workshop.
In the meantime other activities for partners/friends, such as fishing, horseback riding, hiking, etc. *
17.00 Visit the village Búðardalur and enjoy dinner: fish and chips at Veiðistaðurinn – the Fishing spot a local restaurant.

August 29th
8.00 Breakfast
10:00 – 16:00 Ceramic workshop *
In the evening we will visit Eiríksstaðir the replica of 10th century house of the Viking Eiríkur the Red for story-telling and “a Viking dinner”.

August 30th –
Snaefellsnes peninsula has been named “Iceland in Miniature”, because many national sights can be found in the area: sparkling fjords, dramatic volcanic peaks, sheer sea cliffs, sweeping golden beaches, black lava beaches, crunchy lava flows and bright green moss make up the diverse and fascinating landscape of the 100km-long Snæfellsnes peninsula.
The main attraction of the peninsula is without a doubt the Snæfellsjökull glacier, a beautifully shaped stratovolcano at the very end of the peninsula. A trip to the top of the glacier can be arranged in advance if participants want, for an extra fee. We will drive along the glacier from the southern side to the northern side and explore many breath-taking sites.

August 31st –
Hveravík – today we will enter the West-fjords north from Sauðafell, visiting the couple Kristín Einarsdóttir and Gunnar Jóhannsson. They do live in rural area in Hveravík, meaning “The hot -spring bay” by the sea shore. Kristín is a folklorist and a great storyteller and Gunnar is a captain and a former whale hunter. They will take us on a boat trip to the island Grímsey, supposedly formed by a giant trying to dig the Westfjords apart from the rest of Iceland. On our way we will be both whale watching and fishing. After the boat trip it is going to be great dipping into the small hot pools in front of their house. Enjoying the quiet, beautiful surroundings followed by preparing the fish and taking part in cooking it. In the end we will enjoy the dinner and storytelling in Kristín and Gunnar´s dining room.
This is going to be fun!

September 1st –
10:00 – 17:00
Ceramic workshop ends – Raku firing the Ceramic pieces *
18.00 Traditional Icelandic meat soup and Happy marriage cake will be served at Jörvi

September 2nd –
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 A day tour to North-West Iceland
10.30 Hvammstangi fishing village known for local culture and boat trip to watch the seals and enjoy the scenery of the mighty cliff Hvítserkur
12.00 Driving to Gauksmýri farm for lunch and a horseback show.
A meeting with the Icelandic horse.
In the afternoon back to Sauðafell but a surprice stop on the way!
19.00 Farewell dinner.

September 3rd –
Driving in the morning to Reykjavík and departure

All inclusive 8 days trip in Iceland
Max 7 participants in the workshop
Max 13 participants on the trip

Price pr. person:
– 2.400,- EUR / 240,- EUR extra fee for a single room

– Pick-up at the airport by your private guide
– 7 nights at Sauðafell in double/twin rooms
– 7 breakfasts
– 3 days Ceramic workshop * or other activities in the meantime
– 5 packed lunches
– 2 café lunches
– 7 dinners
– Visit Hveravík for a boat trip, hot tub bath, story-telling and dinner in a private home
– Traditional Icelandic meat soup and Happy marriage cake
– Visit Eiríksstaðir and “Viking dinner”
– Visit Gauksmýri for horse show and lunch
– Seal watching boat trip, refreshments included
Not included:
– Drinks exept form water, coffee, tea
– Starters and deserts
Sign-up latest 10th of March, payment of deposit: 800,- EUR

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