Northern Lights Adventures

20:00 Pick-up at the hotels
We will do our best to hunt the nortern lights and hope the weather Gods will be on our side. We strive to be at a dark, remote and peaceful place far from other tourists.
 01:00 Arriving in Reykjavík

Min. 1 persons / Max. 4 persons
5 hour tour.
Private guided tour.
Hot chocolate, cookies.
Price $490 for the car and a driver guide.

Min. 4 persons / Max. 16 persons.
5 hour tour.
A small group in a private guided tour in a mini bus.
A visit to an Icelandic home – a meeting with the genuine Icelandic culture.
Hot chocolate, cookies and entertainment.
You will meet the locals for storytelling, music, refreshments and joy.
Price available upon request.

The Poem „Northern Lights“ in English by the Icelandic poet Jóhannes úr Kötlum:

I sat one night and beheld
the depth of the sky
and my eyes slowly submerged
in the darkness of the night

I wanted to remove the darkness
and see the clearness behind
and perhaps then my pupil was
the wishing stone

I wished to defeat the darkness
and see through it
for some desire for better life
still burned in my veins

I desired more and more light
into my weakened soul
I desired a spark from God himself a spark that no deception was

Then suddenly ignited
the lamp of wonder‘s fuse
Behold, God‘s bright flares
as they start to play

They rushed through the vastness of space
and pushed the dark away
and lightning fast colour swipes
lit up the earth

They illuminate the Lord‘s glory
that no mortal language can
the holy closeness of the sky
had already found my heart

And my tired soul rested there
with the bright river of life
and momentarily took all in
those northern lights

Then the child within me smiled
and the brightness became my shield
and I heard beating the heart of the Lord
then life and death seemed gone

I saw at lamp of wonder‘s light
at lightning speed that
from countless such moments
is eternity made

Translation by Haraldur Vilhjálmsson