I together with 18 colleagues from our university have just returned from a wonderful 4-day trip to Iceland. The one person who must be credited with making our time in this fascinating country so pleasant and stress free was Vally Paalsdottir – our guide, travel planner, hotel and restaurant reservation maker, walking encyclopedia, entertainer and jack of all trades. From the moment we arrived at the airport, Vally effortlessly moved us from place to place and managed in the course of a few short days to give us an exciting sampling of the many wonders possessed by her homeland. She effortlessly shepherded us to, in and from the Blue Lagoon to lunch with fishermen in their café to dinner at the Perlan restaurant with its magnificent glass dome atop six massive water towers on the highest point in Reykjavik. And that was just on our very first day in Iceland. Vally later escorted, entertained and taught us about the history, geology, politics, volcanoes, geysers and “elves” of Iceland on a comfortable trip into its wondrous interior. We walked the rift valley separating Eurasia from North America, viewed the site of the world’s first democracy, witnessed the explosive power of Iceland’s answer to Yellowstone’s Old Faithful and ended our tour of the Golden Circle at the massive and thunderous Golden Waterfalls. And in keeping with Vally’s planning, we arrived back at our hotel exactly on schedule. Since returning home, I have been planning my next trip to Iceland and recommending Vally Paalsdottir to friends and acquaintances wishing to visit this captivating country.

Professor Michael Seltzer

The choir Ekko from Bergen, Norway visited Iceland on our jubilee tour 01.05 – 04.05. 2014 and had in that connection the pleasure of being guided by Valgerdur Palsdottir. 

She took us on a 4 hours guided tour through the city centre of Reykjavik on the 02.05, and on the 03.05 we travelled by bus to Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir. On both those excursions, Valgerdur Palsdottir, or Vally, told us about what we saw in a very interesting and vivid way, she spoke fluent Norwegian and proved to have extensive knowledge and commitment in what she told us. She also showed a talent of “reading” the group and understood how much or how little she ought to tell us to keep up the attention and the good feeling and interest in her audience. She was also very flexible and discreet, and included good margins to avoid stress. She also talked more informally with some of the members of the group and showed generosity and a good mood, which contributed to our very successful and nice days in Iceland. 

We thought that she did a fantastic job and it is a pleasure for us to recommend her as a guide for others that want to visit Iceland.

Liv Skipenes

„Passports and its contacts in Iceland were able to find an
excellent guide that we had every day of the trip. This consistency
allowed the students to feel comfortable enough to ask questions about
the themes of AP Geo that allowed them to have a deeper understanding
of Iceland that they might not been able to experience with a lesser guide. The guide chosen has a background in education (school counselor), was comfortable working with students, and was VERY
knowledgeable of Iceland. The guide added items to the itinerary based on her excellent knowledge of the country that created a richer
experience for students.

Vincent Springer

I would like to express our gratitude for the very nice trip we had to your country in August.
The coach was very comfortable and your drivers very competent and nice to all of us.
I also would like to express how wonderful the guide Valgerdur took care of all of us.
She was knowledgeable both historical and socially, and gave us relevant information through the journey
She had a fantastic sence of humor that got us all into a good mood, even if the weather was not at its best.
She was very flexible, and was able to change the program from day to day when this was the best for the group.
She gave us a superb information of what to see, and in addition gave us new knowledge about the Icelandic community, and what people of Iceland was concerned about at a daily basis.
We will give her the best recommendation for other groups to come.

Knut I. Ølberg. (leader of the group)

„Our guide was an Icelander named Valli (I think, at least it was pronounced ‘valley’), and a true bard. Valli was quite kooky, like many Icelanders – I like them! She told and sung us the story of Iceland on our journey – an Icelandic folk song, Christmas carols and the national anthem as we drove past dark serpentine rivers and snowy mountain ranges.“

Emma Sarah Tennant

“The Tombre family has just come home from Iceland after wonderful days lead and guided by Valgerdur Palsdottir – it has been nothing less than fun and amazing! We are full of great memories and hungry for more!”

Jon Tombre

What an enormous impact Vallý had on our trip to Iceland. The countryside can only speak so much for itself, magnificent though it is. Vallý provided background, details, explanation, folk lore, history, references to art and literature, local habits, and stories that linked things together so well that our 6 days will last a lifetime. I loved her creative approach: fresh strawberries as a product of geo-thermal heat; Bollywood & other music videos to illustrate our road and brighten up time in the bus; and she has a lovely singing voice with which she shared folk songs now and again. She was also kind, caring and fun. Her regular ‘surprises’ kept us wondering what was next! Thank you so very, very much.

Put yourself in Vallý’s hands and see an Iceland that speaks to way back when, to the here and now, and to your imagination.”

C.E. Marshall, Ottawa, Canada